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What is a Healthcare consultant?

The healthcare Industry provides specialized consultants that have process improvement skills and provide the best Industry standard practice advice to Insurance, Hospitals, Digital healthcare, pharmaceuticals and lastly Doctors. The services involved in this industry are IT transformation, HR transformation, Policy transformation and Ops. 

In the last decade, there has been a high demand of healthcare consultants. The landscape has changed immensely with the creation of Obama care and the Affordable Care Act, the remodeling of ICD 9 codes to ICD 10 codes, converting manual patient paperwork to digital apps such as MyChart & Health4Me. The data has traveled from manual email & fax exchange to EDI 835-837, patient enrollment transformed from manual entry into EDI 834, claims migrated from paperwork to automated systems like NPS, STAR, FACETS, PEGA etc. and the HIPAA privacy rules transformed from 4010 to 5010. The healthcare Industry is on a upward trajectory, however budgets remained tight due to miscellaneous reasons. The high demand to transform the healthcare industry into the digital world has stimulated a huge demand for healthcare consultants.


We at Sagious, provide expertise & knowledge in the healthcare industry. We train our consultants for them to be able to provide the best industry practices to our clients. With Healthcare in this digital world, we need consultants that have great subject matter knowledge in order to push our clients to the forefront of the industry. 


Services Provided

  • Building web portal (Large & small view)

  • Digital Health

  • Policy Transformation

  • IT Transformation

Our Goals

A Healthcare consultant identifies the current state and the problem the clients wish to be fixed. The current state is captured in process flows, pain points, gaps etc. Once the current state is captured, the healthcare consultant performs the research on the current state and brings a draft future state solution to the client. The future state could be drafted in the format of process flows, requirements, JIRA stories etc. This task could be performed by group discussions, one on one interviews etc.

Whether you are hired as a BA, Project manager, Product manager,  or QA, a healthcare consultant needs to make sure the future state is clearly defined with all  the pain points captured and resolved. 

Our goal at Sagious is to make sure we train you in Business understanding, and your job responsibilities before you are on site and even while you are deployed we will provide continuous support.   

Our approach

  • Provide the best Business practice at the client
  • Provide the best IT practice at the client
  • Expertise the Industry standard in encryption of data
  • Trust & Transparency
  • Confidentiality

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