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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

Researching raw data and converting it into meaningful information by using a set of methodologies, processes, and architecture to empower strategic & tactical operations.

With Business Intelligence, we want to make sure our clients have a proper OLAP environment and tools in place to collect data from their source system which could be both internal or external, analyze it, and and make real-time decisions that are impactful  for the business.  Data is power; and we are here to help you to harness the power from within your source systems.

Services Provided

  • Data Migration

  • Data Transformation

  • ETL

  • DataWarehouse Design

  • Reporting

  • Dashboards

  • OLAP Cubes

Why Business Intelligence

In our DW projects we have seen quiet a few benefits of of proper Business Intelligence applications. Amongst all, BI implementations empower internal stakeholders which in turn increases operational efficiency. The enhanced decision making process allows companies to move from a reactionary state into a proactive position; unlocking new revenue streams, mitigating challenges from rivals, and staying ahead curve. 


BI Tools

There are a broad set of data analysis apps that includes ad hoc report writing and querying

  • Enterprise Reporting
  • OLAP Cubes
  • Real-time BI
  • Mobile BI
  • Cloud and software BI
  • Open Source etc.

This technology also revolves around designing charts, dashboards, & scorecards which helps defining data on visual metrics. The tools involved in data display and interactive visuals are where BI has moved too. 

  • Power BI and Tableau are perfect example of how powerful visuals can transform the data itself

BI also include advance analytics like

  • Data Mining
  • Text mining
  • Big Data 

Advanced analytics is performed by data scientist, which use DataWarehouse or data marts to extract data from and analyze and extrapolate. 

BI architecture is also moving to unstructured repositories, like Hadoop, especially in the Big Data realm.   

Any and all data used downstream by BI applications must be integrated (if coming from multiple sources), migrated, and cleansed before any analyses can be performed.  This is why it's paramount that the correct industry practices are applied upfront to the BI architecture so that integrity is preserved throughout all stages from ODS/Data lakes through staging and final warehouse schemas.  

Our approach

Our approach is very clear. We like to understand the current DataWarehouse process, understand the pain points, gaps and identify the needs for a better future system. We will provide the best Industry practices and modern BI methodologies to our clients to help them become leaders in their markets. We will provide on going training to our consultants in Big Data, OLAP Data Architecture, ETL, BI tools, SQL, Excel, etc. All this guidance will take a skilled individual into a dynamic team player.  Guidance and support will be provided to all of our staff, free of charge to make sure a project stay on course.  

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